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KALOS IRTHATE – WELCOME! Enjoy our assortment of Honeys, Olives and Olive Oils:  a qualitative selection with exquisite taste and health benefits.

Our Honeys

VASILISSA – the queen bee, the essence of honey. The selected nectars offer a variety of flavours that will please your palate. Some have been awarded for their exquisite savour. Healthy, nutritious, fragrant…choose the one suiting your taste.

Our Olives

ELIA – Olive, a Mediterranean fruit cultivated since Antiquity, symbol of wisdom, fertility, power and purity. Fermentation is essential to make it edible and healthy. The various types of preparations depend on local tastes and traditions. Green olives from Chalkidiki and Black olives from Kalamata are the ones we love for their savory flesh and aromatic flavor.

Our Olive Oils

ELAION – Olive Oil has long been considered sacred, used to anoint kings and athletes, being the “eternal flame” of the original Olympic Games. While colour, size and composition may depends on the cultivar, the maturity of the olive plays an important role in the taste and oil produced. Olive oil is a core food in the Mediterranean diet thanks to its excellent oleic properties. Our diverse range of Olive Oils offers a variety of tastes that will enhance your menus and recipes.

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